Poptropica Wimpy Boardwalk Walkthrough

This is a very short and sweet step-by-step guide to solving Wimpy Boardwalk in Poptropica. Wimpy Boardwalk is set in the world of the Wimpy Kid book series.

First speak to Greg.

His last twenty dollars is carried by the wind to the hands of two teens.

Two teenagers run away, and they are chased by Greg.

Search for tokens which are scattered throughout the Isle.

Then, win the games except the Himalayan Hurl all. Head left, when you are done. Next walk left until you get the Cranium Shaker.

Go over it and snap in the lid. Take it and snap about it. Shove the trash can to the cotton candy stand and take the lid off by clicking in the trash can. Now, click onto it for the final time till you uncover the Bag and dig about in the garbage. Take it and get it to fill using popcorn. Head right till you get to the Boardwalk Beach.

Keep in touch with the keychain photograph seller and get him to shoot you a photograph. He will give you Sunblock. Nowadays get the Keychain Photo in the seagull that is flying and provide it to the man with all the metal detector.

He will give his Metal Detector to you. Now walk around to the girl that is sunbathing and lose your popcorn alongside her. She will run away due to the seagulls. Take advantage of your Metal Detector as well as the light on it is going to turn green.

Snap the light to get the vehicle Keys. Give the sunblock to the sunburned guy and he will give you his Fatty Suntan Lotion before you depart the shore.

Go all the way before you get the parking lot. There, provide the woman’s keys to her. The woman’ll provide you with a set. Now go to the Boardwalk Arcade and put in the flip flops.

Go to the roofing and get the Flying Disc. Give Shawn it (the child that is shouting). Afterward visit the claw machine and jiggle the lever.

Catch and lose playthings before you get the Imitation Vomit when you play. Leave the arcade and go by Boardwalk Rides to the Bumper Cars ride. Lose your Imitation Vomit close to the line to remove it. Subsequently speak with the manager let you in and him.

To win the minigame, hit into Rowley’s reddish auto 3 times and he will lose his Lucky Rabbit’s Foot. Drive to get it. Now return and play with Himalayan Hurl. You will almost certainly win it on your first attempt. You will get the Prize that is Jumbo.

Go to the black child using the Remote Controlled Chopper and trade the Jumbo Prize for this. Now visit a preschooler as well as the Fun House will tell you Rowley is put in the chute. Use your Fatty Suntan Lotion.

He’ll uncover Fregley and land in the ball pit. You will be given Fregley’s left over Fish Sticks by his mother.

Now return to the shore and place the fish sticks on the hook of your RC helicopter. Lower the fish and the crab stick together also they will be grabbed by it. Now visit the cash sticking from the boardwalk.

Make use of the chopper again as well as the cash will be pinched by the crab, making it adhered.

The teenagers will run away as well as the money will flutter down into Greg’s hand when you return underneath the boardwalk with Greg.

You will be given the Island Medallion by Greg.

Here is the video walkthrough if you got lost in any of the parts above.


Poptropica Shrink Ray Island Walkthrough

This is a step by step walkthrough of Shrink Ray Island with keys and all the cheats for the experience!

Go out to the building and move on right to the Avenue A and locate CJ’s flat.

It is possible to understand their flat because there’s a cat standing. The cat will even go inside and you should get him go out to the home, when you enter to the flat.

Now go to when you are doing that a cloaked man will appear and the computer table and allow you to shrink.

Now make an effort to visit the blower, turn the blower on and leap above the drawer and a thumb drive will be revealed under the bed. Pick it up and move to the right.

You are going to be on the computer table if you look beside the notebook into the microscope, there’s a note about a missing creation.

Run to the privilege to get to another section of the bedroom and after that go right again to enter the family room.

A remote control in addition to the fridge.

Run to the right and push on the yellow sponge and jump on the drawer.

On another website, a piece here which you should get and it is on the far right side along with a table. Getting there’s somewhat catchy!

First, shove on the rolling pin to ensure it knocks the teapot onto another burner. It’s going to lift you up to the Drive and ledge oil over so it begins dripping out. Go down to the ground to ensure it is under the dripping oil after which shove the cat’s food bowl. Now jump on the counter after which discover cat food bag and jump into it repeatedly to make tons out. You should jump on the counter least 45 times. Oil and the food will stick together forming a stepping stool from the cat food you can use. Go down to ensure the cat food bowl is underneath the table and shove it to the right. Walk to the right to get the piece of paper. Pick up among the purple grapes, which you will need for another job, afterward before you go.

Visit the left side on the first section of the kitchen. Jump on the counter and run to the toaster. Select the stopper to plug it into the outlet.

Leap handle stand there for several seconds and while holding the grape. You will land on a ledge with a cup filled with utensils, a spatula, and a salt shaker.

Shove on the saltshaker until it’s at the end handle.

You will then land in addition to the fridge, where it’s possible to pick up the remote control.

Bound above to the right’s antenna and you are going to be electrified. Due to this you bound to the portrait and can stick on the balloons.

Jump to the left and you’ll see fish food, shake it 5-7 times so you won’t be eaten by the fish, turn the aquarium away and dive in. Under it’s the diary key.

You got the key, turn the aquarium on and you’ll blow outside.Now visit the right and push on the yellow and green sponge alongside the Electricity Clean spray bottle on the ground.

Bound onto the top on the sponge after which. Eventually, jump to the highest part and go inside it.

Once in side, you need by transferring things to solve a puzzle. Items which can be transferred are clickable. If you move an item that has been holding up others be cautious you would like to watch out that everything does not fall on top of you! You aim will be to get to the top right corner and get the Torn Page.

Run left to leave head and the kitchen to the family room and head back in order to find another hint.

Go left to CJ’s bedroom after which jump on her desk. Use the thumb drive to place this in the computer. The right password is m4r13 cur13. The patterns for the shrink ray firearm will be uploaded.

Jump upward again to get on the ledge with the Rubik’s Cube and her diary that is green. Afterward use the page that is torn to complete part ripped and you will get message. It seems like the robber is close by!

Jump on the thermostat and get it whirl to reddish so the heat turns on.

Jump down and stand alongside the microscope. Afterward use the piece of paper out of your back pack to put it down. Jump up onto the lamp after which bounce up and down several times to bring it down nearer to the paper. Click the light switch, when it will not go down anymore. The secret message is revealed by heat in the lamp from CJ. School coordinates.”

Now go to another section to the left. Use the papers as stages to get up in addition to the bed. Afterward pick up the morse code key in the highest part of the bed. Subsequently stand on each dial and spin them to these coordinates: y – 16 and x – 87.

Look through the telescope. CJ is inside the classroom and she is sending a message to you. Use the secret to decipher the message as she sends them and click each letter. Head for the toilet.

The aim will be to get around and past the tub to the bathroom to ensure we are able to flush the thumb drive. Run to the left and hop on the drawer manages to reach the counter top. Then click the red button. Jump into the stream and to another section of the toilet and go then you will find yourself together with the shower curtain pole. Jump down into the bath. Visit the right and climb the rope up. Afterward stand run to whirl it and handle and turn the water on. The water will fill the bath up in order to swim around to the floating bar.

Leap onto the bar and from there jump onto the back of the rubber duck. Now jump to the left from the bath. Leap onto the stack and onto the red plunger. Then jump around the toilet bowl. Use the thumb drive in your back pack to drop the bowl in, while standing on it.

Next, hop handle to send the thumb drive down. Head back how you came to leave.
Establish the telescope in CJ’s bathroom to the same coordinates and go all the way back to it (87,16). Peek into it and CJ has a fresh message. The new message reads, “Robber is Mr. Silva. Now we must escape the flat and save CJ!”

Return to the family room and take the battery from the remote control. Subsequently place . Drive the toy truck and get in left into CJ’s bedroom.

Visit the top where you will locate a publication called, Tess’s Tree by Jess M. Brallier. Push the novel off the shelf to make it form a ramp that the truck can go over and land. Drive over the ramp and you will see a brief cinematic through the glass and where you drive up window out into the road.

Outside the road, you will begin playing with an overhead minigame that is simple where you must drive the truck down the road while avoiding challenges. The ride it quite simple to finish and lasts over a minute.

Run left and there is CJ!

Now you should prevent the ray gun.

In this game you must hide behind things so that the ray gun shrinks the item instead of you when it appears. Go to the left across the ground. It is possible to pause behind each item or jump one (in case you are quick enough). You must start over, if you get hit by the ray gun. You are aim is conceal to reflect and go to the table and when Mr. Silva attempts to shrink this time to you, the shrink ray reflects off the mirror and hits him!

Click the switch after which you’ll both return to regular size.

Now you’re back on the science fair for solving Shrink Ray Island and you get the isle medallion.

Confused at all? Take a look at this walkthrough video for Shrink Ray Island…


and this is part 2 of the video…



Poptropica Shark Tooth Island Walkthrough

Shark Tooth Island is a great and exciting isle in Poptropica that’s an extremely large shark trouble and an extremely large shark. You must save a young lad that have become trapped on an isle in Booga Bay, residence of the excellent Booga shark and Professor Hammerhead.

This was one of the earliest of all the Poptropica Islands and was launched alongside Early Poptropica. It’s one of the easiest to complete!

188218256Go entirely to the correct, when you get the and follow the signal marked for the Historical Ruins. Before you got naturally, if you need to you can quit in the Shark Museum or the Coconut Cafe, but they are not significant for finishing the venture. Head through the next brief transition area and keep heading to the proper. You’re now in the historical ruins. Run completely to the proper. As you head through the region watch out for the large dropping cocoanuts that fall from your tree.

Next scale and you need to return to the shark statue /jump back together with it. Leap through to the swinging stage, if you are standing on the best of it and keep heading left till you get into a pit with spikes in the partitions. Wait for the stage to slip next to you and then join it. Jump-off, when it reaches another side and then-head to the left. You may subsequently go to still another chamber. You may see a substantial base with a container on top. That is the key component the medicine guy needs for the potoion. Keep rising through the chamber with tons of stages by leaping all the way up to the best.

Where you began next into a hole in the sand that was not there before now you’ll appear back. You’ll arrive right alongside the man who sells shark fins. Head slightly to the correct and there will be a man facing a booth close to the Coconut Cafe. Speak to him and he can provide you some coconut cream. That is the last part you will need for the medication man.

Walk to the correct and return to the Historical Ruins. You may have to shove the large rock again to get beneath the vine close to the large palm tree. Go completely back up to the tree to reunite to where the Medication Man is standing and speak to him. He can take all three fixings from you and make you a particular Still potion to give the shark. Now leap down from your tree and check out the proper to Booga Bay.

Keep heading through the next brief room and after that you will end up in Booga Bay. Set it on and then go straight back left to the historical ruins. Leap over the large rock at the center, the moment you get to the ruins and shove it to the until it’s next to the palm-tree. Now leap on the best of the block.

Now keep increasing the stages and climbing up the wonderful. You will reach the top standing close to a man in a mask. He’s the nearby medicine guy. Speak to him and he can inform you that deep in the temple you will uncover a wall carving that reveals you what you require to deliver to him. He can create a potion for you you could use to care for the large shark, when you get all the elements.

Now simply jump from the tree and keep heading down till you land securely on the earth. On the left you will see the terrifying and shadowy entry to the temple. Go down the first established of platforms.

Now you’re on a program. Until you land in the green water simply drop completely to the underside. Subsequently go left till you get to the ending and jump up entirely on different stages. Select the panel.

The correct ones to click are seventh and sixth, fourth, the third from the left. Press the triangle between the eyes and the eyes will light-up if you have done it right, when you click these four. This will open the door and after that you’ll be able to proceed through. Leap and go entirely to the underside. Leap through to the statue and look at it, dropping down on the left aspect. Subsequently run completely to the left till you see a stack of osseuses. Run on best of the big white bone to choose it upwards.

There Is an aged man here standing before a hut. It Is Professor Hammerhead and you’ve saved the little lad and him! He’ll thanks and request that you take him and the son safely straight back to the mainland. Go left and you will be followed by them. Return completely to the shore where the weeping girl was. She’ll thanks for locating her son when you arrive. The professor provides you with the isle medallion and you’re done with Shark-Tooth Island!

Poptropica Steamworks Island Walkthrough

This is the step-by-step walkthrough for Poptropica Steamworks Island. It’s a very original and inventive island and is one of my favorites after Red Dragon and Superpower.

Main Street

Walk to the Clockwork Cantina and finish the equipment puzzle. Put the two brownish gears and in the middle is gone by the three blue gears. Turn the crank when they are all set up. Pick up the Multitool that only seemed on the earth.

Now walk to the right and you will see a garbage bin. Jump up on it to get the Steam Battery.

Walk to the right and go inside the Museum. Run to the right and you will see a large machine that is yellow. Click on the blue lever to lift the arm. Then jump on the stages and make your path to the upper-right corner. Watch out for the dimmer stages when you step on them that may crumble and fall. Snatch the beaker that is filthy from the display case. Afterward leave the museum.

Return to the Clockwork Cantina. Jump upward and snap on the blue lever here. A mechanical ramp will go. Run it up and leap to fly over the tower and up. You should land in addition to a glass dome. Use your multi tool then drop inside and to open it.

You are now inside the Mayor’s office. Take a look at the note and the painting on the typewriter, which give you an important number to remember for after: 0516. Leave the office, jump back down to the road and run to enter the zone that is next.

Equipment Street

Pass by Sully’s store and visit the blue building at the center. This can be the living quarters. Jump up the platforms and after that run past the door. You will find a robot crab here. Jump up and land to get him flip over and bounce. When he does, he will drop Sully’s key. Pick up the robot crab and the key.

Drop down to the road and visit another building. Jump up onto the steam chute and leap to the roof. You will find a vintage vine here. Pick the old vine to put it in your back pack.

Run to the right until you get in front of Sully’s Steam Powered Paraphernalia shop. There is a Steam Terminal here. Use the steam battery in your back pack. You will get a puzzle here where you must modulate the steam pressure. The beginning pressure is 10 and the finishing pressure must be 5. You must fix the valves to ensure that the pressure will lose five points as it travels to the ending.

Sully’s Store

You will locate a robot once you get inside Sully’s. It is Sprocket! Ring the bell on the desk next to sully to wake up him. Afterward go pick up the rubber mallet in the junk box.

Leave Sully’s and you will be followed by Sprocket. You can ask him some questions if you click on sully. You will learn more afterwards although he is not really talkative.

Head to the privilege to return to Main Street. Then move onto the next zone and run all the way, called the Hub.

The Hub

Run along the ramp until you get into a metal hatch that’s glowing red hot, when you arrive in the Hub. You will find it is much too hot to touch, if you attempt to snap it. Walk up to it and use the robot crab in your back pack. Sprocket the robot will take it and then drop the crab that is inferior along with the hatch. The hatch will be cooled down by the water in the robot so it is possible to open up it.

Go down the hatch. Sprocket can look quite frightened, when you get to the base of the ladder. Make your way down the conduits until you run into a plant giant living inside them. Use the old vine out of your back pack Caution: Hot Steam underneath the sign. This will spray on steam onto the plant beast and kill it. Go to the bottom left and you will find the base of an elevator. Select the round hatch above.

Now you will need to solve three degrees of a ball tilt labyrinth game that is a lot like the classic wooden carton Labyrinth game. Spin the wheel either clockwise or counterclockwise with your cursor to get the ball to the middle. The lift will power up, after you finish all three degrees.

Return upward out of the place to the road. Go several steps to the right and jump up onto the springtime. After three hops, you should land up next to another lever that is blue. Click the giant Hub wheel and the lever begins to go.

Go back down onto the road and run to the left. Leap up and grab the vines and climb as much as a stage. Await the moving stage on the Hub wheel and leap onto it. Afterward jump off in the upper right corner (purpose for the conduit that is yellow). Walk to the right and use the steam valve to jump to the left and up. Continue until you get to the lift entry to the Captain’s Cottage going. Afterward go inside.

A soon as you enter, some will capture Sprocket plant vines. Go down and click on the metal window shutters free him and to snatch the vines. When you do, he will speak to you personally for the very first time and say, “Thank you.” Now it is possible to speak to him and ask him questions and hear his narrative.

Run to the right and use the moving platforms to get around the big painting. It is a replica of the painting.

Select the dial in the bottom of the image. This can be a combination lock. The blend is the amount in the mayor’s office: 0516. Beginning with the innermost ring, click on each triangle to get the wheel. Afterward select it when it is pointing to the amount that is correct. The bands get quicker so this is catchy.

A secret door will open, when you get the mix right. Go interior and you will take Captain Ziggs’ room. Visit the left and pick up the bridge key (on the floor) and the Weed Whacker (upwards on the wall). Leave the room.

Go to the right and down and jump off the veranda to return to the Hub zone. Go right until you get by the end to the Steam Terminal. Use the steam battery after which solve the puzzle. It is just like the first one, but you must correct the pressure from 10 to 16 (6). The bridge will lower and you’ll be able to run, once you are successful.

Creation Zone

Take several steps to the right and hop on the spring to get to the stage above. There is a control panel here with a green button and three reddish levers. Move all the levers after which press on the green button. The giant wrecking ball will drop and reach the earth, creating a hole.


Jump down and go through the hole. Make the right path to the right and down and you will enter a mechanical room. First, press on the three crimson pressure pads on each side. Then you will want to press on the two pads that are remaining (the ones) at once. Sprocket offer while you get the other to hold down one.

The machine will turn on and the stages that are moving above will begin turning. Use this to get to the highest part of the room. There is a lever on the wall that is left. Click it to get another platform to go. Then leap to the right and use vines and the stages to get into a moving conveyer belt. Here you will want to prevent blobs that drop from a plant beast.

Continue across the vines and shortly you will locate the Mech Steam Motor, 1 of 2 components you will need to fix the Mech. Continue on the vines and go around the Greenhouse.


Walk to the left for combining Herbicide and you will find an area. Pay attention to the graph on the wall. Use the beaker that is filthy out of your back pack then fill it with three components four parts reddish, two parts green and blue. You’re going to have some Herbicide Mixture, when you are done.

Visit the stage and then around the right above. Use the herbicide on the plant creature. It’s going to shrink and vanish, showing a care cabinet. Go inside.

There is a classic custodian robot here. He is holding onto the Living Quarters Get Crucial. Take it and he will awaken and the alarm system will go off. You can not leave how you came because the security system has a pressure hose. That is where one got stuck this walkthrough. Particular thanks to DR3 from the PoptropicaSecrets.com community who supplied another measure.

Go back from the care cabinet after which climb the vines above. Visit the left and you will see the glass dome has some tiny cracks that are white here. Use the rubber mallet out of your back pack to smash a hole and avoid.

Now run back to Equipment Alley, which will be on the left.

Equipment Street Redux

When you arrive, visit the base of the living quarters building (blue) and jump on the lever on the gear’s right stage. This will increase the one.

Take several steps to the left, then jump up the stages to arrive at the doorway. Use your steam battery after which solve the steam valve puzzle. Now, you should fix the steam by -3 to get it. The door will open. Go inside.

Living Quarters

Go click on the blue lever to make the platform rise. Utilize it continue making your way up and to get to another stage. Jump on the blue button on the ground to make the ladder rise. You will want to immediately jump up the ladder because it falls back down another or two later. There is another door, when you reach the top left. Go through it.

Zack’s Room

Go as much as the top left corner and select the wall to solve another puzzle, which will be a timed game where you must get the steam to go from one corner. You must click the squares to show conduits underneath and then swap the conduits about to produce a path that is clear. You’ll find three degrees to get through.

Go outside and cross over the vine that acts to the left, where you’ll locate the Mech Crank that’s the second bit you must fix the Mech.

Jump down to the road below and go to Sully’s Garage.

Sully’s Garage

Use both the Steam Motor and the Mech Crank out of your back pack on the Mech. It’s going to be fixed and you can now walk in the Mech. Is this the coolest thing in what or Poptropica? You will also get a teleporter apparatus you may use to immediately travel back from everywhere you go on Steamworks.

Walking in around to the left and the Mech, head from the garage. There is a huge doorway. Attach out of your back pack to the Mech after which use the spacebar. Go through the doorway when it is not unclear.

Storage Room

Now you are inside a storage area. Make your path through, using the space bar to smash smash plant beasts that strike. At one point, you will want to leave power and your Mech up among the elevators. Afterward return in the Mech and ride up it to another stage.

Continue killing plant creatures as you go until you dispose of him and get to the closing plant giant in the room. Go to the next zone through the doorway.

Wind Zone

Go down the ramp and you’ll locate a giant windmill. Walk to the blades and Sprocket offer to help.

Leave the Mech and stand as they whirl to ride nearly to the top. Then jump onto the stage above. Use your multi tool to stop the blades. The door will be opened by Sprocket.

Get back in the Mech and go through the doorway.

Hibernation Centre

And we eventually learn the secret of what happened to all Steamworks Island’s inhabitants. First, leave the Mech and visit the machine. Use the multitool on it and the room will light up.

Zack will appear from concealed hibernation chamber and Sprocket and he will be reunited. Sweet!

The mayor may also appear and tell the story of what occurred to you. Then you definitely’ll see and hear lumps from below. There is still work to be done.

Jump around the stages and get the Hazardous Blaster. Afterward return in your Mech and attach it.

Take the lift down.

Tunnel System

Go through the room and shoot down the plants that are attacking by using the spacebar and training with the mouse. Kill all the plants.

You would like to find yourself on the stage above the ground. If you miss it, you will want to stand on the bolt/screw thing and whirl it to raise up yourself.

A going stage here. Wait for this and then ride it across to the doorway and prepare for the final conflict…

Plant Hive

You are now in the final boss battle. There are three manager creatures and to make things even more demanding, acid begins to fill the room from below. If you touch the acid, you must start over and lose. You just have a brief time to conquer each boss creature.

The fundamental technique for all three creatures will be to get up so they attempt to hit their heads against you. It is kind of like the Hydra. When they do, it is possible to fire at them. Each creature has to be splatted three times and it’ll vanish and you’ll be able to go forward.

After you conquer the closing plant creature, you will reappear next to the mayor, that will present the isle medallion to you. You did it! Nice job.

Walkthrough for Poptropica 24-Carrot Island

24 Carrot Island is an enjoyable quest in Poptropica where your aim to to help a town that was robbed of all its carrots. During the course of the quest, you’ll fall upon the bad villain Dr. Hare and attempt to put a stop to his diabolical plans to steal all the carrots on the isle. Read this entire guide will all of the cheats for Poptropica 24 Carrot Island to find out how to solve it.

The Start

Once you arrive by balloon on the isle, jump down and go left towards the Carrot Farm. Blow Off the farmer and go into the house next to him through the chimney. Once you’re inside, walk to the right and you will find a way to get an empty bowl. Next return to the exterior of your house by going into the hearth and back up through the chimney. Head to the right to return to Main Street. Walk several paces to the right after which go inside the eatery, called the Carrot King Diner. * to fill your bowl with milk.| Click on the server and ask her to fill your empty bowl with milk.| If you talk with the server inside the diner, she can fill the empty bowl which you located inside the farmhouse with milk.} Once the bowl has milk inside, return to the Carrot Farm and reenter the home through the chimney.

Once you are inside, keep walking to the right. When you pass where you found the empty bowl, you are going to bend down and put the complete bowl on the flooring. Keep going to the right after which jump up in the lift space. Afterward walk to the left until you reach the tub. Turn on the water. A small cat will leap out of the bath. Follow the cat to kind of shove him along and drive him to go downstairs. The cat will spy the bowl of milk that you put on the ground and will drink from it. The cat can be quite friendly for you and will follow you wherever you go. Leave the farmhouse after which return to Main Street.

When you arrive in Main Street, visit the right to the shop which is past the diner and the theatre. Go inside and talk to the girl at the counter * ‘s cat (his name is Whiskers) and then she’ll provide you with a crowbar.| Discuss with } to let her know you found her missing cat. She will provide you with a crowbar as a compensation.| Speak with the girl and she will provide you with a crowbar as a benefit for locating her lost cat.}

Leave the shop and visit the right. Visit the next place, called the Factory. Once you arrive, keep going to the right. Leap up onto the roof to locate the vent pattern. The pattern will allow you to get through the labyrinth of passageways inside the factory. Go down another side of the factory and you will land near a drainage pipe with a grate. You can select the conduit to use the crowbar to open it after which go inside.

Going Inside the Factory

Go left through the conduit and you’ll locate a carrot transporter. You likely will not want it. Head up the left side of the conduit and after that run right back over the valves as they close. The fundamental technique to getting past this part would be to be pretty patient and stand at the border. Go across as each one begins to close and you will be good. Attempt to run across only one launch at a time. A few of the of them open and shut extremely quickly, so see your time.

In another section, you will run into a large old rat. To avoid him, jump upward into the segment of conduit above your head. Run through it and go down another side to the left. Go up through the top and you will arrive in a dark room.

What to Do Inside the Factory

Machine Room

Walk several steps to the left and you will end up standing beside the master engine panel. You will see three levers on the engine, which are in the up location. Fix the lever on the left side so it is midway between down and up. You might find the green light over the lever will illuminate. Repeat this procedure with the center and the right levers. Once you’ve got all three levers in the right places, the primary lights in the room turn on and the engine starts to go.

Go to the right of the room and get up onto the cartons. Next get as much as the left onto the stage after which in addition to the barrels. Leap onto the mechanical arm when it passes by. When you arrive at the stage on the right, jump away and go into the open port.


The port is some shadowy passageways that link different rooms inside the Factory. If you get lost inside the port, it is possible to use the pattern you located on the roof of the factory. Go down to the left and go forward until you run into part of the passage which is covered in ice and snow. Go through the icy passageway and back down the other side You will discover some wire cutters lying at the base of the the passageway. Pick them up and then keep going to the right until you locate a grate in the passageway. Click to enter the next room.

The Security System

When you enter the room, you will see a security system signal and it is empowered. Drop down onto the ground of the room. A security robot will fly in and zap you. After you have been zapped, you will be carried to a brand new room. You will see a panel above and to the right indicated as the security system. Click on the panel after which use the wire cutters to cut all three wires and shut down the security system. Go as much as the right and you will see a grate it is possible to go through to return into the port passageways.

Packing Room

Leap up and go inside the port. Afterward head up and to the right. Quite shortly, you will arrive at another grate. Go indoors to enter the carrot packing room. The first challenge you will face in here are chutes with crates of carrots that fall through. To get past this part, you must wait at the border of the chutes and wait to pause for the crates. Then run to another one. At each chute, a distinct amount of crates fall in groups. It is not overly hard to discover the routines if you’re patient as you go past. Visit the right when you get past the chutes and fall to the ground. then head around to the left of the room.

Speak to the girl wearing the rabbit ears and eyeglasses and tell her to look behind her Then the display will change and you will see a closeup of the top of her rabbit ears hat. Click the button on the ears and the hypnotic power will be disabled. The girl will recover a printout that provides you with a password. Next go to the left and return to the grate which you entered the room from. Head back into the port passageway.

Back to the Security Robot Room

Next you would like to return to the security room. It is the place where the robot zapped you.

The robot won’t zap you this time because the security system continues to be disabled. Head for the doorway in the bottom right corner. There is a hint there that says just Authorized Bunny Drones can enter. You are no authorized bunny drone so you will fall through a trap door that seems when you attempt to pass through the door. Do not stress because the next thing to do is to become one. When you fall through the trap door, you will arrive in a brand new room. Drop down to the left and you’ll find yourself on a moving conveyer belt. Go to the right, taking care not to get squished by the carrot smashing presses in this room. In addition, you should steer clear of the hot carrot juice that comes out. After you avoid these challenges, leap up onto the stage and you will see a mechanical bunny ears hat similar to the woman in another room was wearing. Pick it up to place it in your back pack. Equip the bunny ears and then leave the room.

Next you will return to the secuirty robot room. Go back to the security door that is big. Now that you are wearing the ears, you will find a way to pass through.

The Arch Villain Dr. Hare

You will see a man, when you enter the next room. It is Dr. Hare. The villain believes you are one of his drones and tells one to begin the launching sequence for his large spaceship.| Thinking you are one of his bunny ear wearing drones, the villain’ll give you commands to begin the launching of his rocket.} Leap up onto the rocket. You will see a stage that is large on the right. It’s a computer and a tech standing is next to it. He is wearing the drone ears. Speak to him and select the alternative, “Look a giant bunny!” The display will change into a close up of the rear of the ears he is wearing. Turn away by clicking on the power button on the ears. Next click using the pc. It’ll request you for the password, which is fuzzybunny. Next, the computer will prompt you for a command. The right command is “launch rabbot”. Remember to spell it with an o and not an i. The Rabbot is the giant spaceship robot that Dr. Hare has constructed.

Next, the rocket will launch and you’ll be able to control it using the computer. Your objective will be to crash the rocket into the asteroids which you see on the display. Crash it into four asteroids to ruin the spaceship and send Dr. Hare into the depths of space. Congratulations! You got the better of Dr. Hare.

Next you will be back on Main Street and everything has changed. The isle is filled with color and the citizens are joyful and remedying the town. Walk to the left where you’ll locate the Mayor of 24 Carrot Island. The Mayor will hand you the medallion for Ending the isle and conquering the notoriously evil Dr. Hare.


Poptropica Time Tangled Island Unraveled

Time Tangled Island in Poptropica was one of the very first islands in the game, and was launched early on, alongside Early Poptropica and right before Super Power Island.

Follow these steps to complete Time Tangled Island!

First, visit Time Tangled Island (in case you’re not already on it) . Walk to the right, and you’ll see a girl before the laboratory. Go inside Pendulum’s Laboratory. Once inside, go down the ramps and after that go all the way and push the stopper that is large collectively. This will activate the Future Machine. Next, hop onto the stopper, and then upwards again to where you see a light that is blue.

Keep in touch with the girl you met outside the laboratory, and she’ll provide you with an Assignment Printout. You may read the printout by going to your own stock, after you receive it. Now, enter the blue light. You are going to appear in a dystopian world of orange-brownish or muddy green colour and insects the space that is polluting.

Go all the way woman (depending on whether your character is a boy or girl) that looks like your character. Speak to them, and they will introduce him/ herself but 50 years older.

Request if they will be able to assist you to fix advertising yesteryear, they will provide you with a thing which can help you travel time – the Time Apparatus. The time device can also be used by clicking on the full time apparatus icon now situated at the bottom left corner of the game display for easier accessibility, although it is in your stock now. The time apparatus is used by click.

To be able to save the future, you find the missing artifact of another period of time, must travel to the distinct time periods of days gone by, and return it to the initial period of time. You may do this in any sequence. Following is an instant look and everything you should give and get from every period of time, but notice that these aren’t the only things you will want to discover:

  • Mt. Everest (1953): get Statuette give Goggles
  • Statue of Liberty (1882): get Laptop / give Statuette
  • The Graff House (1776): get Salt Rocks / give Declaration of Independence
  • Mali Empire (1387): get Declaration of Independence / give Salt Rocks
  • Edison’s Workshop (1877): get Section of Rock / give Phonograph
  • Aztec Empire (1519): get Goggles / give Section of Rock
  • Leonardo da Vinci (1516): get Peace Medal / give Laptop
  • Lewis & Clark Expedition (1805): get Stone Bowl / give Peace Medal
  • Great Wall of China (1593): get Amulet / give Stone Bowl
  • Vikings (831): get Golden Vase / give Amulet
  • Ancient Greece (328 BC): get Phonograph / give Golden Vase

Let us begin by clicking on the image of a guy in a blue hood. It is possible to assess by looking at the center of the time apparatus which time in days gone by it’s. In this instance, it’s 1953 AD. The knob will turn green. Press the knob to go through the time that is chosen! (Notice: All the places are in A.D. time, except Ancient Greece, which is in B.C.)

You may arrive in a place that is icy. Welcome to Mount Everest. Where you arrived, you should see that a place is to walk on the right side. Keep following the “course” (you should readily find a way to see which way you should go). After some rock climbing and leaping about, you should reach a dead end with a rope. Go up the rope.

Now, you ought to have arrived on another stage that was icy. Go to the left, where you’ll see a guy in a blue jacket. Ask him why he is ceased there, and he’ll tell you he lost his scaling goggles. Go to his left and you’ll see some little icy stages hanging above you. Keep jumping higher until you get to the last stage that is icy. You should see a rope. Go on it.

Now you happen to be on another stage that is icy. Go to the left, where you’ll see some little icy stages hanging above you. Again, keep jumping higher until you get to the last stage that is icy. Beware of the falling icicles! Bumping into one will knock you around, that’ll slow you down.

At another stage, covered in snow, you should arrive after a little jumping. Go to the right, and get the brownish Statuette.

Now, select the time travel device. Select the icon with a guy with brownish hair and a moustache (1882 ADVERTISEMENT), and press on the knob!

You ought to have arrived in a location with lots of wood. It is the workplace. Visit the left, and enter the house marked “Gadget, Gauthier et Cie.” Visit the right and speak with the guy there.

Select the third chat choice to give the Statuette of Liberty to the guy. (To do so, tell the man with brown hair, “I found your study model!”) When you give the man with brown hair it, the time period (for 1882) will be fixed! Now leave the home.

Visit the really left, a barrel and where you’ll see a guy alongside a carton. Leap onto the carton, subsequently to the roof of the “Gadget, Gauthier et Cie” house. Go along the roof, and leap onto the chimney. Now leap onto the brownish statue. Then jump to the wooden ledge above, then another ledge. Afterward leap to the left with all your might!

You need to have got a Laptop, when you have landed. If not, simply try again until you are doing!

Snap on the time apparatus again. Now, select the icon of a guy with a brownish pigtail and is wearing a black hat (1776 AD). Go to the right, and make an effort as they’ll knock you to stay away from the hedgehogs. Shortly you should arrive before the Graff House, a reddish house that is very enormous. Leap as much as the rooftop of your house (by using the window ledges).

On the roof, try to find the chimney with a bag of rocks that are white. Jump to it, and grab the Salt Rocks! Use your Time Apparatus and select the girl with a pink turban on her head. Press on the knob and you need to take the Mali Empire, 1387!

You need to be in some surroundings that are really brownish. Go to the right until you pass by your second green bush. Above it thee should be a little ledge. Jump on it, then jump onto the building. There should be some green leaves stage jump on that.

Afterward bound to the building you had been merely standing on, subsequently to the building on the right. You should see a man with blue robe and a white turban there. Keep in touch with the man and say, “I discovered your salt rocks!” The bag of salt rocks will be removed to your own stock (and given to that man you had been speaking to), and the time period in the Mali Empire will be fixed.

Now, jump below the Poptropican you had given the salt rocks to. Will be a snake there. Go to the right, avoiding that snake (in case you hit the snake, it’s going to knock you around!). On the right you’ll see a small ledge. Jump to that ledge, and you need to see another ledge like the one you’re standing on. Jump to that one, also, without falling off and go.

You should see a stump that is brownish to your own right. Bound to it, and you’ll land on another side. Then try again, should youn’t. Continue on with another set, in case you do. Remember to are in the bottom. Simply leap down, if you’ren’t. You should see a buildng called “Timbuktu Inn” with a large door with round alloys on it. Go inside the door. Once inside the hostel, go to the right until you see a little silver ledge. Jump to leap to the large brown ledge near the top.

Go around until you see a guy wearing white. Speak to the man wearing white, and you will stare at a group of papers. The guy will talk on the bottom left corner to you personally. Click on the man with brown hair until he is done speaking to move the dialogue.

A jigsaw puzzle will appear in front of you. Piece the puzzle together (it just has 18 bits, and it is easy!). The image, when finished, should appear to be a king.

Simply click anywhere on the display, when you are done. The King’ll provide you with the Declaration of Independence!

Now return to the Graff House, 1776. After there, move towards the right, prevent the hedgehogs, and you need to shortly be a large red house in front of the Graff House,. Go inside. Once inside, proceed to the right (until you can not go any further!), and jump onto the platform above you.

There you should see a guy. He’s Thomas Jefferson. Tell the man, “I’ve the proclamation!” The “Declaration of Independence” will be taken off your inventory, and will get to Jefferson. The period of time will be fixed!

Now select the time apparatus again. Choose the icon with a guy with hair that is brown (1877 ADVERTISEMENT). Press on the knob. You ought to have arrived in Edison’s Workshop (check your map in the event you ‘re unsure what your location is!). Visit the far left side where you sould see a a vehicle. Jump onto the vehicle.

Snap on the circle along with the wheel that is larger, and the vehicle will go! Make sure you’re still jump on, when it is quit! Jump onto the division above the vehicle, then jump to the branch above the division you’re on. From there, jump onto the grey roof. Run along the roof until you see a brilliant section of rock on a chimney.

Jump to it, and grab it! You need to have got a Section of Stone, when you have landed. If not, simply try again until you are doing!

Open your time apparatus up again, and select the icon of a man wearing a leaf hat. Press on the knob. You should be in the Aztec Empire. Go to the right until you see an extended set. Scale up until you see 2 individuals that are Aztec.

Keep in touch with the one wearing a leaf hat on the Aztecs’ icon on the time apparatus like the one. Tell the Aztecs you’ve the sun rock bit, and you are going to give him the “Section of Stone” you found at Edison’s workshop. The Aztec time period should be fixed.

Jump off the building and go to the right. Halt when you’ve passed by a statue. Leap around the highest part of the building alongside the statue (not the one you jumped off of a while past) until you see a vintage woman. Keep in touch with her, and she’ll provide you with an Aztec Warrior Headdress. Put on, then jump off the building.

Now speak with the guard near the long set, and go to the left. He’ll give you Goggles. (Remember to have the Warrior Headdress on.)

Open up your time apparatus again, and return to Mount Everest, 1953. Go back to Edmund, the man in the blue jacket you met on Mount Everest.

Should youn’t understand the manner, reread the instructions in the section above labeled “Mount Everest, 1953”. Speak to Edmund and say to him, “I discovered your goggles!” The thing “Goggles” will be transferred out of your stock to Edmund’s eyes. The time period will be fixed.

Go to your own time apparatus, and choose the icon of a guy with gray beard and a brown hat. Press on the knob, and you may be brought to 1516, Leonardo da Vinci’s area! Once you get there, go all the way to the left until you see a sign that says “Leo’s Workshop.”

Leap onto the signal, then leap onto the large stone before it. From there, jump up the 3 rock ledges. On the third rock ledge, you’ll see some grass. Bound to the grass on the right, and keep going right until you see another “Leo’s Workshop” sign. Above it’s a rugged thing, jump on it, then go to the right where you need to be walking on a wooden stage. Cease when you see a difference. Afterward leap to another side of the wooden stage. You should see a guy there.

Above the guy is a little wooden stage, jump then jump on the one. There should be a little swing-ish ride thing near the stage. Hop onto you, and it will ride midway down the rope. When you cease going, bound so far as you can to the top left corner, and you need to land on another stage that is wooden, keep going to the left to track down a stone house. Enter through the door. Once inside, go to the left and jump on the stage there. From there, go to the left until you see a rope. Climb the rope up, and leap down on the machine thing.

Then hop onto the stage and keep going until you see a guy wearing brownish. He’s Leonardo da Vinci (Leo). Speak to Leo, and tell him, “I found your laptop!” The laptop you found (Statue of Liberty) will get to him, and will vanish out of your stock. The time period will be fixed!

But as a benefit, you will be given a Glider by Leo! This can be worn by you and it’s going to allow you to sort of float in the atmosphere. Place on the glider, and leave Leo’s workshop. Return to where that guy was found by you on among the ledges that are wooden, and under him should be a silver medal, with a white glow around it to allow it to be more easy to locate.

Glide around to the silver medal, and you need to have got a Peace Medal, if you had been successful. Keep trying until you get it, if you were’t successful!

Now return to your own Time Apparatus. Choose the icon of a guy wearing brownish hair and a brown hat with a pigtail inside. You should be in 1805. Go to the right until you see a tree.

Jump the first tree arm, then the second, up and keep going until you reach the tree’s highest part. A beaver will pop his head up every few seconds with a rock bowl. Reach up there and catch the Stone Bowl.

Go back down to the earth, and go to the right until you see the man whose face was the icon Captain Meriwether Lewis, on the time apparatus. Speak to Meriwether, and tell him, “I found the peace medal!” The time period will be fixed.

Open your time apparatus up again, and select the icon of a man wearing black moustache and a grey helmet. Press on the knob. You should be in the Great Wall of China. Go as possible to the right. Pick up the barrel you see there to take the Gunpowder.

Now go to the left until you see the first wooden building construction you passed by a while ago. Jump through to the first ledge, after which the second one (with a Chinese man on it) . Watch out for falling bricks, because they’ll knock you around if you crash into them! Now bound to another side (right side). Above you should be another wooden stage (with 2 grey bricks) jump on that.

Jump onto the broad ledge that is grey above, and go right until you see a Chinese guy wearing reddish robes that are great. Speak to play with a memory game.

To play, simply go through the tile near the top. Subsequently are 8 other tiles. Find a tile that’s indistinguishable. Then the tiles will shuffle. Maintain track of where the tile that is indistinguishable is! Choose the card from the 8 that you believe is the tile indistinguishable, when the man’s done shuffling.

The man will give you an Amulet, if you get it right. You’ll be able to keep trying as many times as you prefer to get the amulet, if you had been incorrect. In addition, if you have already gotten the amulet, it is still possible to play with the game (by speaking to him again).

Now go to the left, until you see another wooden construction above you, in your left. Jump to it, and go a little more. You should see a rope. Catch hold of the rope, and let go facing the left so you are actually standing on another stage that is wooden. Now go to the left, and jump off the stage (construction). Be sure to leap left. You should land on a wall that is grey.

Go around the grey wall somewhat until you see a guy. Speak to him and tell him, “I’ve the rock bowl!” The thing “Rock Bowl” will be transferred out of your stock to the Chinese guy’s possesion. The time period will be fixed.

Use the time apparatus again, and also this time choose the image of the Viking (guy with double pigtailed hair that is brownish, wearing helmet that is silver). You should be on a Viking boat. Go to the right until you enter land. Keep in touch with the first Viking (yellow top, silver helmet, grey hair), and tell him, “I’ve your amulet!” The thing “Amulet” will now be possessed by the Viking, and it’s going to be taken off your inventory. Time period fixed!

Now go to the right and hop onto the long rock stage with some green. From there, jump onto another one, then the last rock stage that is long. You shoud be with the entry blocked by a group of rocks in front of the cavern. Snap on the rocks to use your “Gunpowder” on them. The entry will be cleared, and you’ll lose your gunpowder. Enter the cavern. You will have about 30 seconds inside the cavern to get the golden vase in.

The torch will burn out and you’ll need to try if you would like to get the vase. It’s possible for you to attempt as many times as you like, so do not stress should youn’t get it the first time!

(Tip: The gold vase is at the base of the cavern. Avoid the water at the base. Do not take your time because in case you don’t go fast, because you do n’t need to make errors and visit the incorrect areas of the cavern! the torch will burn out, but do not be overly quick)

You see the vase, go over to it to gather the Golden Vase.

Today open your own time system up, and pick the picture of the gift sporting a complete helmet that is brown with reddish feathers on top. Push the button and you’ll be transported 328 B.C, to Old Greece. There, proceed to the best and keep in touch with the 2nd gift. Inform him, “I possess it’ll be positioned outside the Treasury in Greece, and the gold container!” them “Golden Vase” is likely to be taken off your stock.

The Treasury may be the building both gift pads are currently standing before. The timeframe is going to be fixed. Before you discover another guy today proceed to the best. Join it near him ought to be a container. From there, leap onto the bright sculpture alongside the container you’re sitting on. Then join the surface of the sculpture, after which leap towards the top-left corner. You need to land on the Treasury’s roof. Move the top around, and Edison’s Phonograph should be seen by you. Move to go.

On the arrow sign up the phonograph product card, you are able to click from your own stock to hear Edison’s real speech singing Mary Had Somewhat Lamb.

Today return to Edison’s Course, 1877. Before you achieve the entry doorway to Edison’s course there, transfer along towards the remaining. Enter it. Before you can’t proceed any more once transfer completely towards the remaining. From there, visit then, and to some regional desk leap onto the point on the top.

Next, jump-up to make the journey to the system that is extended above. Before you visit a guy carrying a red jacket maneuver around. He’s Thomas Edison. Keep in touch with him and state, “I have your phonograph!” them “Phonograph” is likely to be moved to Edison’s possesion from your own stock. The timeframe is going to be fixed.

Since constantly intervals have now been fixed, return to the current by selecting the term and starting Your Own Time System “LAB.” Enter Pendelum’s Laboratory, and enter the future. (If you’ve forgotten ways to get towards the Potential, browse the phrases in the top of the site.)

You’ll now maintain The Near Future! It’s really a great place here. Have a great time discovering it! Follow the following group of directions to understand how-to declare your incentive while you’re ready.

Transfer completely towards the right when you’re As Time Goes By. From there, fly-up towards the Monorail Visit utilizing the orange pipe that’ll take at you up there. Watch for the Monorail get inside, after which to reach.

Whenever you achieve the finish rise up the very best of the Monorail, and it’ll take you up near where the Hanging System is situated to location. Proceed to the remaining to obtain the Hanging System should you were arrived on the platform.

The Hanging System ought to be correct alongside you if you were arrived in a natural grassy location. The Hanging System is little, and grey colored. Jump about it to increase. That’s where you receive down while it prevents. Leap onto the lawn system in your left, transfer enter the orange pipe there, and left. You’ll now maintain your Atmosphere House!

Before you arrived at a niche at your Atmosphere House, proceed to the best. Leap within the space, and you ought to be on an identical system towards the one you stood on, except that it had been on another area. Move completely and you must observe somebody there you, just 50 years as time goes on!

Now you’ve got the Poptropica Time Tangled Island Medallion. Sweetness supreme!

Poptropica Monster Carnival Island Walkthrough

This is the complete step-by-step walkthrough for Poptropica Monster Carnival Island. It’s one of the better ones in the game and follows an intriguing mystery. I almost like it as much as the classic, Poptropica Super Power Island.

Entrance and Repairing the Carnival

As soon as you get to Monster Carnival Island, you will be on Main Street. Run to the until you visit a boy standing beside a signal for the Carnival. His title is Edgar, and he’s a proud carnie trainee. He Will inform you that folks are looking forward to the carnival to start, but that matters are not prepared.

First speak to the man standing facing the Duck Sport. He Will let you know that he’s no water for the sport and wants a hosepipe. Next discussion to the girl facing the meals stand. She Will let you know that she is from sugar and wants your help making some. She Will present you with a recipe and request that you locate a chemistry set-to make even more.

Next, reunite to Main Street before you reach Honest Gabe’s Car Mechanic Shop and run all of the method to the left. Go within the building. The automobile mechanic interior will run-up to you as well as request if you are having vehicle trouble. Tell her you have got issues together with your radiator hose and she will provide to allow you’ve 1. It Is upward to the very best ledge to the proper. Leap up to regain it and then-head back outside to Main Street.

The Apothecary

Now go across the street to the Apothecary. After indoors, wander to the correct and talk together with the white beared guy supporting the counter. He Will request you for aid filling out a purchase and he will offer you a method for Salt, also called Common Salt (NaCl). After you have that, jump-up the stairway to the left and you will locate a machine below the signal that reads, Bio-Chemistry and You. Snapping on this particular sign will show several formulas you can create. But to get this first one, simply click the yellowish and blue bottles on the very best ledge to the left. After you have both, click the machine (the ChemoBUSTER 2000) to begin it. Bubbles are created by this device in the point at which you snap to shove and split up apart the distinct chemical compounds. Burst them all upward by hitting or close them, by snapping to produce bubbles to proceed them in specific directions and shove them together. It’s really simpler than it seems! Once you have developed all the required goods, the equipment will automatically shut, and you will get Salt in your back pack.

Run back to the white bearded guy and he will consider the Salt and thanks. Subsequently click on him again and you will request him if you are able to utilize the equipment again to make some thing for the carnival. He Will say yes, and offer you a cryptic caution concerning the carnival and also the shadowy destinations they’ve went through. Seems threatening! But for the time being, simply head back around the device to create the Sugar the food stand girl wants for her Fried Dough. Once you are completed, you will get Sugar in your back pack.

Getting the Carnival Prepared

Now abandon the Apothecary store and operate back to the carnival. Intriguing note: this seems to be a mention of an installment in Seinfeld called The Fix Up where George Costanza learns his girl friend is pregnant and that he’s the dad. Kind of an unusual reference, Poptropica!

Now speak to the girl facing the meals stand. She Will require the sugar out of your back pack, thanks, and present you some fried dough. At this time, Edgar will come working over, really excited concerning the fried dough. The girl will shout at him to return to work.

Monster Carnival Island – Lever On-Ground

Someone handily left a lever lying around the floor in the woods. OK, there is an additional ride to repair ahead of the carnival can start. Run to the correct, after the signal to the Carnival Rides. Here you will locate a ferris wheel whirling unmanageable. Speak to the guy standing before it and he will inform you that a damaged lever is retaining him from repairing the wheel. Run to the correct, proceed to the next region, and passing the rest of the rides. Here you will see turned metal along with a creepy Poptropica encounter statue lying-in the over-grown weeds. Right beneath it to the earth, there is a lever (how handy!) Run over it to select it up. Now head straight back to the man facing the ferris wheel and apply the lever in your back pack.

Now get back to the left and Edgar will run-up to you personally again, as soon as you get to the key carnival region. He allows you understand that now they’re able to open up the carnival.

Something’s Maybe Not Exactly Correct in the Carnival

The Carnival has started! But something’s amiss — no-one can win the matches. Does Not that constantly occur at carnivals? First, visit the Pop the Balloon sport after speaking to Edgar, who promises he doesn’t have thought why the balloons are not and grab the Blunted Dart bursting

Click the man with eyeglasses (he is the fat guesser) and he’ll right guess your fat, prompting you to really figure out you require a manner (weigh?) to trick him.

Monster Carnival – Sharpen Steel

Make Use Of the steel sharpener in the car mechanic to correct the blunted dart.
Now abandon the carnival and operate back to Main Street. Go inside Fair Gabe’s Auto-Repair and you will locate a machine in the left that is employed to sharpen steel. Open your back pack and Apply the Blunted Dart. The equipment will whirr and also the dart will get a Sharpened Dart. That can undoubtedly be convenient for the Pop the Balloon sport!

Leave the Car Repair Center and go in the Apothecary. The propreitor will speak to you personally and say that you are welcome to whatever you will find in the store. Right in the front of him, you will visit a reddish dolly using a pile of cartons about it. Click in cartons then click on the sheet that appears in the carton. You Will observe that it has a free of charge bottle of Osmium, among the heaviest elements.

Next, abandon the store and head straight back to the Carnival. Play the Pop Edgar and the Balloon sport will present you with a Memento Cup as an award.

Now run to the proper to the carnival rides region and go after dark Ferris Wheel. You Will locate a girl facing a Check Your Power game. She Will challenge you, inquiring if you have got something in these skeletal arms. You Will consider a swing together with the hammer, but simply manage to get the fat as large as “Baby.” Not really powerful! Utilize the Bouncy Ball in your back pack to put it beneath the machine. Speak to the girl again and give still another swing. Now, you will strike “Super Hero” and the girl provides you with the hammer as an award.

OK, now run straight back to the left and speak with the Ferris Wheel man. He Will let you know that there is nonetheless an issue with all the Ferris Wheel and that two children are stuck up in the top. Run straight back to the key carnival region and locate the girl facing the meals stand. The Ferris Wheel will begin turning again along with the children is going to be saved.

Follow them to the correct and talk together with the man standing away from the Tunnel of Love entry. He Will present you with a flash light and request that you locate a mask in the haunted laboratory. Run to the proper, after dark Evaluation Your Power game, and enter the Haunted Laboratory. Equip the torch so you can easily see.

Speak to the man outside again and he will let you know to sneak on the children and shock them. Walk to the correct and you will locate both children sitting in among the swan boats. Leave the Tunnel of Love.


When you leave the Tunnel of Love, you will see a number of the townspeople exterior and they will inform you that all the carnies vanished away to the woods. Run to the right to attend the woods and shortly you will get to some place using a tree stump and a tiny cavern. Search for dropped things like popcorn on the floor in which you see those things and leave the region. Replicate this a couple times and after that you will wind up in a shadowy and spooky area of the woods where you will see most of the carnies standing around a body in a purple hooded gown. He can inform them serve him and to become their authentic selves.

Seek out the dropped things on the floor and leave right near them.

Subsequently, they change into creatures!

Nighttime will fall as well as the moon will rise. Edgar propose you discover Ringmaster Raven for assistance and will run-up to you personally, when you come back to the carnival grounds.

You must jump on the creatures which might be obstructing your path.

Go within the ringmaster’s collapsible shelter and he will let you know that there is a chemical method which he can utilize to reverse the shift.

Run around to the ferris wheel and make use of the hammer in your back pack. Press the spacebar to smash it to the floor. This will definitely halt the ferris wheel as well as the creature indoors will drop to the bottom, dropping a key message. It Is a ticket for the duck sport with all the phrase “GORY” on it. It Is brief for green-orange red-yellowish, that is the sequence you will must get the ducks in the sport.

Run to the best, near where you discovered the Human Fly Mask and you will discover a carton of black lights together with a bookshelf. Leap around catch one and then leave the Laboratory.

Run all of the method to the duck sport, preventing the creatures as you-go. When you arrive, open your back pack and make use of the black-light bulb. Click the duck sport to perform it and you will see that each of the ducks have turned different colours. Pick them upward in GORY sequence (green, orange, reddish, then yellow) to disclose a Mystery Formula which will appear in your back pack.

Now reunite to Main Street. Go into Fair Gabe’s Auto-Repair and click the green button to reduce the elevator on the proper. Click the port cover to eliminate it and go indoors. The stack of papers is blocking the manner, however you can click each paper to transfer it. The newspaper headlines tell the tale of Chicken Boy (backwards sequence). You Will understand he was a carnival orphan who had been attributed for starting a fireplace then run out-of-town.

After the stack of papers is cleared, you may get in the store. Go around to the chemical device and roll up the rest of the substance bottles around the ledge to the correct. Subsequently make use of the device to make still another compound.

Leave the store through the front entrance and operate back to the Carnival. Edgar is waiting beyond the ringmaster’s collapsible shelter. Go indoors.

You’ll learn that you have been double crossed. Edgar continues to be hypnotized just like he and the other carnies and you are captured by the ringmaster and consider the method. The ringmaster needs to utilize the formulation, Sodium Thiopental, to hypnotize everybody in town! It seems that Ringmaster Raven is truly Bird Boy! He runs off, leaving you alone with Edgar.

Make use of the Fried Dough in your back pack and it’ll trip Edgar’s recollection. You Will then operate outside and visit the Mirror Maze. Ringmaster Raven is here now and he will conceal behind among the mirrors. Observe carefully to find out which one he conceals behind. Ringmaster Raven will be again and then run to a different place to conceal again.

Eventually, he will quit concealing and you may hypnotize him, creating him your slave. To make sure he never damages anyone again, you will persuade him that he is really a chicken.

Talk with Edgar and he will supply you with the isle medallion. The carnival, now featuring its new Amazing Chicken Guy draw, rolls from township.

Nice job on finishing Monster Carnival Island! You are the best!