Poptropica Time Tangled Island Unraveled

Time Tangled Island in Poptropica was one of the very first islands in the game, and was launched early on, alongside Early Poptropica and right before Super Power Island.

Follow these steps to complete Time Tangled Island!

First, visit Time Tangled Island (in case you’re not already on it) . Walk to the right, and you’ll see a girl before the laboratory. Go inside Pendulum’s Laboratory. Once inside, go down the ramps and after that go all the way and push the stopper that is large collectively. This will activate the Future Machine. Next, hop onto the stopper, and then upwards again to where you see a light that is blue.

Keep in touch with the girl you met outside the laboratory, and she’ll provide you with an Assignment Printout. You may read the printout by going to your own stock, after you receive it. Now, enter the blue light. You are going to appear in a dystopian world of orange-brownish or muddy green colour and insects the space that is polluting.

Go all the way woman (depending on whether your character is a boy or girl) that looks like your character. Speak to them, and they will introduce him/ herself but 50 years older.

Request if they will be able to assist you to fix advertising yesteryear, they will provide you with a thing which can help you travel time – the Time Apparatus. The time device can also be used by clicking on the full time apparatus icon now situated at the bottom left corner of the game display for easier accessibility, although it is in your stock now. The time apparatus is used by click.

To be able to save the future, you find the missing artifact of another period of time, must travel to the distinct time periods of days gone by, and return it to the initial period of time. You may do this in any sequence. Following is an instant look and everything you should give and get from every period of time, but notice that these aren’t the only things you will want to discover:

  • Mt. Everest (1953): get Statuette give Goggles
  • Statue of Liberty (1882): get Laptop / give Statuette
  • The Graff House (1776): get Salt Rocks / give Declaration of Independence
  • Mali Empire (1387): get Declaration of Independence / give Salt Rocks
  • Edison’s Workshop (1877): get Section of Rock / give Phonograph
  • Aztec Empire (1519): get Goggles / give Section of Rock
  • Leonardo da Vinci (1516): get Peace Medal / give Laptop
  • Lewis & Clark Expedition (1805): get Stone Bowl / give Peace Medal
  • Great Wall of China (1593): get Amulet / give Stone Bowl
  • Vikings (831): get Golden Vase / give Amulet
  • Ancient Greece (328 BC): get Phonograph / give Golden Vase

Let us begin by clicking on the image of a guy in a blue hood. It is possible to assess by looking at the center of the time apparatus which time in days gone by it’s. In this instance, it’s 1953 AD. The knob will turn green. Press the knob to go through the time that is chosen! (Notice: All the places are in A.D. time, except Ancient Greece, which is in B.C.)

You may arrive in a place that is icy. Welcome to Mount Everest. Where you arrived, you should see that a place is to walk on the right side. Keep following the “course” (you should readily find a way to see which way you should go). After some rock climbing and leaping about, you should reach a dead end with a rope. Go up the rope.

Now, you ought to have arrived on another stage that was icy. Go to the left, where you’ll see a guy in a blue jacket. Ask him why he is ceased there, and he’ll tell you he lost his scaling goggles. Go to his left and you’ll see some little icy stages hanging above you. Keep jumping higher until you get to the last stage that is icy. You should see a rope. Go on it.

Now you happen to be on another stage that is icy. Go to the left, where you’ll see some little icy stages hanging above you. Again, keep jumping higher until you get to the last stage that is icy. Beware of the falling icicles! Bumping into one will knock you around, that’ll slow you down.

At another stage, covered in snow, you should arrive after a little jumping. Go to the right, and get the brownish Statuette.

Now, select the time travel device. Select the icon with a guy with brownish hair and a moustache (1882 ADVERTISEMENT), and press on the knob!

You ought to have arrived in a location with lots of wood. It is the workplace. Visit the left, and enter the house marked “Gadget, Gauthier et Cie.” Visit the right and speak with the guy there.

Select the third chat choice to give the Statuette of Liberty to the guy. (To do so, tell the man with brown hair, “I found your study model!”) When you give the man with brown hair it, the time period (for 1882) will be fixed! Now leave the home.

Visit the really left, a barrel and where you’ll see a guy alongside a carton. Leap onto the carton, subsequently to the roof of the “Gadget, Gauthier et Cie” house. Go along the roof, and leap onto the chimney. Now leap onto the brownish statue. Then jump to the wooden ledge above, then another ledge. Afterward leap to the left with all your might!

You need to have got a Laptop, when you have landed. If not, simply try again until you are doing!

Snap on the time apparatus again. Now, select the icon of a guy with a brownish pigtail and is wearing a black hat (1776 AD). Go to the right, and make an effort as they’ll knock you to stay away from the hedgehogs. Shortly you should arrive before the Graff House, a reddish house that is very enormous. Leap as much as the rooftop of your house (by using the window ledges).

On the roof, try to find the chimney with a bag of rocks that are white. Jump to it, and grab the Salt Rocks! Use your Time Apparatus and select the girl with a pink turban on her head. Press on the knob and you need to take the Mali Empire, 1387!

You need to be in some surroundings that are really brownish. Go to the right until you pass by your second green bush. Above it thee should be a little ledge. Jump on it, then jump onto the building. There should be some green leaves stage jump on that.

Afterward bound to the building you had been merely standing on, subsequently to the building on the right. You should see a man with blue robe and a white turban there. Keep in touch with the man and say, “I discovered your salt rocks!” The bag of salt rocks will be removed to your own stock (and given to that man you had been speaking to), and the time period in the Mali Empire will be fixed.

Now, jump below the Poptropican you had given the salt rocks to. Will be a snake there. Go to the right, avoiding that snake (in case you hit the snake, it’s going to knock you around!). On the right you’ll see a small ledge. Jump to that ledge, and you need to see another ledge like the one you’re standing on. Jump to that one, also, without falling off and go.

You should see a stump that is brownish to your own right. Bound to it, and you’ll land on another side. Then try again, should youn’t. Continue on with another set, in case you do. Remember to are in the bottom. Simply leap down, if you’ren’t. You should see a buildng called “Timbuktu Inn” with a large door with round alloys on it. Go inside the door. Once inside the hostel, go to the right until you see a little silver ledge. Jump to leap to the large brown ledge near the top.

Go around until you see a guy wearing white. Speak to the man wearing white, and you will stare at a group of papers. The guy will talk on the bottom left corner to you personally. Click on the man with brown hair until he is done speaking to move the dialogue.

A jigsaw puzzle will appear in front of you. Piece the puzzle together (it just has 18 bits, and it is easy!). The image, when finished, should appear to be a king.

Simply click anywhere on the display, when you are done. The King’ll provide you with the Declaration of Independence!

Now return to the Graff House, 1776. After there, move towards the right, prevent the hedgehogs, and you need to shortly be a large red house in front of the Graff House,. Go inside. Once inside, proceed to the right (until you can not go any further!), and jump onto the platform above you.

There you should see a guy. He’s Thomas Jefferson. Tell the man, “I’ve the proclamation!” The “Declaration of Independence” will be taken off your inventory, and will get to Jefferson. The period of time will be fixed!

Now select the time apparatus again. Choose the icon with a guy with hair that is brown (1877 ADVERTISEMENT). Press on the knob. You ought to have arrived in Edison’s Workshop (check your map in the event you ‘re unsure what your location is!). Visit the far left side where you sould see a a vehicle. Jump onto the vehicle.

Snap on the circle along with the wheel that is larger, and the vehicle will go! Make sure you’re still jump on, when it is quit! Jump onto the division above the vehicle, then jump to the branch above the division you’re on. From there, jump onto the grey roof. Run along the roof until you see a brilliant section of rock on a chimney.

Jump to it, and grab it! You need to have got a Section of Stone, when you have landed. If not, simply try again until you are doing!

Open your time apparatus up again, and select the icon of a man wearing a leaf hat. Press on the knob. You should be in the Aztec Empire. Go to the right until you see an extended set. Scale up until you see 2 individuals that are Aztec.

Keep in touch with the one wearing a leaf hat on the Aztecs’ icon on the time apparatus like the one. Tell the Aztecs you’ve the sun rock bit, and you are going to give him the “Section of Stone” you found at Edison’s workshop. The Aztec time period should be fixed.

Jump off the building and go to the right. Halt when you’ve passed by a statue. Leap around the highest part of the building alongside the statue (not the one you jumped off of a while past) until you see a vintage woman. Keep in touch with her, and she’ll provide you with an Aztec Warrior Headdress. Put on, then jump off the building.

Now speak with the guard near the long set, and go to the left. He’ll give you Goggles. (Remember to have the Warrior Headdress on.)

Open up your time apparatus again, and return to Mount Everest, 1953. Go back to Edmund, the man in the blue jacket you met on Mount Everest.

Should youn’t understand the manner, reread the instructions in the section above labeled “Mount Everest, 1953”. Speak to Edmund and say to him, “I discovered your goggles!” The thing “Goggles” will be transferred out of your stock to Edmund’s eyes. The time period will be fixed.

Go to your own time apparatus, and choose the icon of a guy with gray beard and a brown hat. Press on the knob, and you may be brought to 1516, Leonardo da Vinci’s area! Once you get there, go all the way to the left until you see a sign that says “Leo’s Workshop.”

Leap onto the signal, then leap onto the large stone before it. From there, jump up the 3 rock ledges. On the third rock ledge, you’ll see some grass. Bound to the grass on the right, and keep going right until you see another “Leo’s Workshop” sign. Above it’s a rugged thing, jump on it, then go to the right where you need to be walking on a wooden stage. Cease when you see a difference. Afterward leap to another side of the wooden stage. You should see a guy there.

Above the guy is a little wooden stage, jump then jump on the one. There should be a little swing-ish ride thing near the stage. Hop onto you, and it will ride midway down the rope. When you cease going, bound so far as you can to the top left corner, and you need to land on another stage that is wooden, keep going to the left to track down a stone house. Enter through the door. Once inside, go to the left and jump on the stage there. From there, go to the left until you see a rope. Climb the rope up, and leap down on the machine thing.

Then hop onto the stage and keep going until you see a guy wearing brownish. He’s Leonardo da Vinci (Leo). Speak to Leo, and tell him, “I found your laptop!” The laptop you found (Statue of Liberty) will get to him, and will vanish out of your stock. The time period will be fixed!

But as a benefit, you will be given a Glider by Leo! This can be worn by you and it’s going to allow you to sort of float in the atmosphere. Place on the glider, and leave Leo’s workshop. Return to where that guy was found by you on among the ledges that are wooden, and under him should be a silver medal, with a white glow around it to allow it to be more easy to locate.

Glide around to the silver medal, and you need to have got a Peace Medal, if you had been successful. Keep trying until you get it, if you were’t successful!

Now return to your own Time Apparatus. Choose the icon of a guy wearing brownish hair and a brown hat with a pigtail inside. You should be in 1805. Go to the right until you see a tree.

Jump the first tree arm, then the second, up and keep going until you reach the tree’s highest part. A beaver will pop his head up every few seconds with a rock bowl. Reach up there and catch the Stone Bowl.

Go back down to the earth, and go to the right until you see the man whose face was the icon Captain Meriwether Lewis, on the time apparatus. Speak to Meriwether, and tell him, “I found the peace medal!” The time period will be fixed.

Open your time apparatus up again, and select the icon of a man wearing black moustache and a grey helmet. Press on the knob. You should be in the Great Wall of China. Go as possible to the right. Pick up the barrel you see there to take the Gunpowder.

Now go to the left until you see the first wooden building construction you passed by a while ago. Jump through to the first ledge, after which the second one (with a Chinese man on it) . Watch out for falling bricks, because they’ll knock you around if you crash into them! Now bound to another side (right side). Above you should be another wooden stage (with 2 grey bricks) jump on that.

Jump onto the broad ledge that is grey above, and go right until you see a Chinese guy wearing reddish robes that are great. Speak to play with a memory game.

To play, simply go through the tile near the top. Subsequently are 8 other tiles. Find a tile that’s indistinguishable. Then the tiles will shuffle. Maintain track of where the tile that is indistinguishable is! Choose the card from the 8 that you believe is the tile indistinguishable, when the man’s done shuffling.

The man will give you an Amulet, if you get it right. You’ll be able to keep trying as many times as you prefer to get the amulet, if you had been incorrect. In addition, if you have already gotten the amulet, it is still possible to play with the game (by speaking to him again).

Now go to the left, until you see another wooden construction above you, in your left. Jump to it, and go a little more. You should see a rope. Catch hold of the rope, and let go facing the left so you are actually standing on another stage that is wooden. Now go to the left, and jump off the stage (construction). Be sure to leap left. You should land on a wall that is grey.

Go around the grey wall somewhat until you see a guy. Speak to him and tell him, “I’ve the rock bowl!” The thing “Rock Bowl” will be transferred out of your stock to the Chinese guy’s possesion. The time period will be fixed.

Use the time apparatus again, and also this time choose the image of the Viking (guy with double pigtailed hair that is brownish, wearing helmet that is silver). You should be on a Viking boat. Go to the right until you enter land. Keep in touch with the first Viking (yellow top, silver helmet, grey hair), and tell him, “I’ve your amulet!” The thing “Amulet” will now be possessed by the Viking, and it’s going to be taken off your inventory. Time period fixed!

Now go to the right and hop onto the long rock stage with some green. From there, jump onto another one, then the last rock stage that is long. You shoud be with the entry blocked by a group of rocks in front of the cavern. Snap on the rocks to use your “Gunpowder” on them. The entry will be cleared, and you’ll lose your gunpowder. Enter the cavern. You will have about 30 seconds inside the cavern to get the golden vase in.

The torch will burn out and you’ll need to try if you would like to get the vase. It’s possible for you to attempt as many times as you like, so do not stress should youn’t get it the first time!

(Tip: The gold vase is at the base of the cavern. Avoid the water at the base. Do not take your time because in case you don’t go fast, because you do n’t need to make errors and visit the incorrect areas of the cavern! the torch will burn out, but do not be overly quick)

You see the vase, go over to it to gather the Golden Vase.

Today open your own time system up, and pick the picture of the gift sporting a complete helmet that is brown with reddish feathers on top. Push the button and you’ll be transported 328 B.C, to Old Greece. There, proceed to the best and keep in touch with the 2nd gift. Inform him, “I possess it’ll be positioned outside the Treasury in Greece, and the gold container!” them “Golden Vase” is likely to be taken off your stock.

The Treasury may be the building both gift pads are currently standing before. The timeframe is going to be fixed. Before you discover another guy today proceed to the best. Join it near him ought to be a container. From there, leap onto the bright sculpture alongside the container you’re sitting on. Then join the surface of the sculpture, after which leap towards the top-left corner. You need to land on the Treasury’s roof. Move the top around, and Edison’s Phonograph should be seen by you. Move to go.

On the arrow sign up the phonograph product card, you are able to click from your own stock to hear Edison’s real speech singing Mary Had Somewhat Lamb.

Today return to Edison’s Course, 1877. Before you achieve the entry doorway to Edison’s course there, transfer along towards the remaining. Enter it. Before you can’t proceed any more once transfer completely towards the remaining. From there, visit then, and to some regional desk leap onto the point on the top.

Next, jump-up to make the journey to the system that is extended above. Before you visit a guy carrying a red jacket maneuver around. He’s Thomas Edison. Keep in touch with him and state, “I have your phonograph!” them “Phonograph” is likely to be moved to Edison’s possesion from your own stock. The timeframe is going to be fixed.

Since constantly intervals have now been fixed, return to the current by selecting the term and starting Your Own Time System “LAB.” Enter Pendelum’s Laboratory, and enter the future. (If you’ve forgotten ways to get towards the Potential, browse the phrases in the top of the site.)

You’ll now maintain The Near Future! It’s really a great place here. Have a great time discovering it! Follow the following group of directions to understand how-to declare your incentive while you’re ready.

Transfer completely towards the right when you’re As Time Goes By. From there, fly-up towards the Monorail Visit utilizing the orange pipe that’ll take at you up there. Watch for the Monorail get inside, after which to reach.

Whenever you achieve the finish rise up the very best of the Monorail, and it’ll take you up near where the Hanging System is situated to location. Proceed to the remaining to obtain the Hanging System should you were arrived on the platform.

The Hanging System ought to be correct alongside you if you were arrived in a natural grassy location. The Hanging System is little, and grey colored. Jump about it to increase. That’s where you receive down while it prevents. Leap onto the lawn system in your left, transfer enter the orange pipe there, and left. You’ll now maintain your Atmosphere House!

Before you arrived at a niche at your Atmosphere House, proceed to the best. Leap within the space, and you ought to be on an identical system towards the one you stood on, except that it had been on another area. Move completely and you must observe somebody there you, just 50 years as time goes on!

Now you’ve got the Poptropica Time Tangled Island Medallion. Sweetness supreme!


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