Poptropica Wimpy Boardwalk Walkthrough

This is a very short and sweet step-by-step guide to solving Wimpy Boardwalk in Poptropica. Wimpy Boardwalk is set in the world of the Wimpy Kid book series.

First speak to Greg.

His last twenty dollars is carried by the wind to the hands of two teens.

Two teenagers run away, and they are chased by Greg.

Search for tokens which are scattered throughout the Isle.

Then, win the games except the Himalayan Hurl all. Head left, when you are done. Next walk left until you get the Cranium Shaker.

Go over it and snap in the lid. Take it and snap about it. Shove the trash can to the cotton candy stand and take the lid off by clicking in the trash can. Now, click onto it for the final time till you uncover the Bag and dig about in the garbage. Take it and get it to fill using popcorn. Head right till you get to the Boardwalk Beach.

Keep in touch with the keychain photograph seller and get him to shoot you a photograph. He will give you Sunblock. Nowadays get the Keychain Photo in the seagull that is flying and provide it to the man with all the metal detector.

He will give his Metal Detector to you. Now walk around to the girl that is sunbathing and lose your popcorn alongside her. She will run away due to the seagulls. Take advantage of your Metal Detector as well as the light on it is going to turn green.

Snap the light to get the vehicle Keys. Give the sunblock to the sunburned guy and he will give you his Fatty Suntan Lotion before you depart the shore.

Go all the way before you get the parking lot. There, provide the woman’s keys to her. The woman’ll provide you with a set. Now go to the Boardwalk Arcade and put in the flip flops.

Go to the roofing and get the Flying Disc. Give Shawn it (the child that is shouting). Afterward visit the claw machine and jiggle the lever.

Catch and lose playthings before you get the Imitation Vomit when you play. Leave the arcade and go by Boardwalk Rides to the Bumper Cars ride. Lose your Imitation Vomit close to the line to remove it. Subsequently speak with the manager let you in and him.

To win the minigame, hit into Rowley’s reddish auto 3 times and he will lose his Lucky Rabbit’s Foot. Drive to get it. Now return and play with Himalayan Hurl. You will almost certainly win it on your first attempt. You will get the Prize that is Jumbo.

Go to the black child using the Remote Controlled Chopper and trade the Jumbo Prize for this. Now visit a preschooler as well as the Fun House will tell you Rowley is put in the chute. Use your Fatty Suntan Lotion.

He’ll uncover Fregley and land in the ball pit. You will be given Fregley’s left over Fish Sticks by his mother.

Now return to the shore and place the fish sticks on the hook of your RC helicopter. Lower the fish and the crab stick together also they will be grabbed by it. Now visit the cash sticking from the boardwalk.

Make use of the chopper again as well as the cash will be pinched by the crab, making it adhered.

The teenagers will run away as well as the money will flutter down into Greg’s hand when you return underneath the boardwalk with Greg.

You will be given the Island Medallion by Greg.

Here is the video walkthrough if you got lost in any of the parts above.


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