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Minecraft Adventure Maps

A very popular style of Minecraft Map is the always-exciting Minecraft Adventure Map.

Cue the Indiana Jones music and get ready for some adventure!

Adventure maps provide one with encounters which can be more about fighting, researching and finding out new things. They can be more about puzzles, traps and secrets which you must know about before starting the game.

Moreover, you have to set and follow rules and particular settings about the game so that you can ensure you don’t break any rules when you start playing.

But, the great news about that map is the fact that a few of them are made to support multiplayers. Minecraft experience maps will get your needs taken good care of should you prefer company while playing.

Wanna Make Your Own? Here are Some Tips for Minecraft Adventure Maps

You should do the following should you want to create a successful and good map.

  • Ensure that it stays interesting by being creative since folks are interested by initial, creative new gameplay features boss fights among others, such as for example monsters.
  • Have a couple of people test it for you since the slightest mistake can screw up the complete map.
  • To get more downloads; ensure that the map comes with an attractive landscape and that the builds as well as the terraforming look amazing.
  • Customize your map with the addition of more custom sounds, particles and special skills.
  • Make a plausible start for example by explaining why you set out on this save -the-world adventure. Furthermore, make sure that there is a well thought out ending that doesn’t sound overly cliché.
You can find all kinds of themed Adventure Maps for Minecraft, like this rendition of Rivendell from The Hobbit.

How you can Play Minecraft Adventure Maps

Would you learn how to play these games? Well, it’s easy! In case you are using an android device for example, you need to follow these steps;

First download and install a file manager that supports archive files. This file manager will enable you to extract map files and copy them to your Minecraft folder after.

Next, download the map file and ensure that it’s for Minecraft PE and not for the computer version. Furthermore, make sure that the map you’ve downloaded matches the PE variant you have.

Try to find the download folder in your file manager app and open it.

This will definitely show the information of the zip enabling one to see a folder with a name of the map you downloaded.

From the menu, select copy. This option will copy the folder letting you paste it anywhere you favor.

In the same location you found the download folder, navigate the games folder on your own base directory.

Next, press and hold a clean spot and then select paste option to paste the newest map folder onto the minecraftsworlds folder.

Now you have a game that is new. This map will be recorded on your saved games. Open it, play and take pleasure in the game!